The Importance of the 40 Year Recertification

Do you understand the importance of the 40 Year Recertification in Miami and Broward?  Older commercial properties larger than 2000 square feet that are triplex of have more units need this inspection. This includes commercial buildings such as warehouses, stores, multi family units, and industrial buildings. Miami Dade county and Broward county sends letters every year to all commercial properties owners that meet the above criteria on the anniversary year of the building’s forty year and at every ten years thereafter.  If you disregard these letters the county will impose fines and penalties on you. Don’t Put Your Property In Jeopardy!                  Call Florida Builders Engineers today!

Hire the 40 Year Recertification PROS 

We have made inspections of shopping centers, hotel chains, large condominium buildings and industrial parks throughout Miami and Broward. We have completed over 5000 recertifications projects.  Do not waste time with a Home Inspection company that claims to make these inspections. Only a Florida Licensed Engineer or Florida Licensed Architect can certify your building.

Only Florida Builders Engineers has a 98% success rate in Miami Dade and Broward counties for their clients. Our clients get their building recertifications approved! Our Engineering staff specializes on the importance of the 40 Year Recertification.  To get a FREE 40 Year recertification QUOTE CLICK HERE

Florida Builders Engineers will make the Electrical & Structural inspection of the building during the day and then come back at night to make the Certification of Compliance with Parking Lot Illumination Standards in Chapter 8C of the Code of Miami Dade County.

OVER 25 Years Experience & The Lowest Prices

Our recertification inspection fee starts at $295.00. We service all cities and municipalities in Miami Dade and Broward county.  24 Hour RUSH Service is available throughout Miami and Broward counties.  For the BEST Service at the Lowest Price Call us TODAY  877-894-8001.