Cast Iron Drain Inspections Are Necessary

Cast Iron Plumbing Drain Inspections Are Necessary. Cast iron drains are a serious problem in older Florida Homes. Especially in homes built before 1970.  A plumbing inspection conducted by us can determine the existing conditions and the extent of the damage.  In homes built before 1970 cast iron was a popular choice for contractors to use.

  • Plastic piping of PVC had not been invented yet.
  • Cast iron pipes have a long life and were built to last for anywhere between 60-70 years.
  • Cast iron plumbing is durable and can withstand heavy loads/high-pressure.
  • The material deadens the sound of flowing water and sewage very well.

In spite of their durability the homes built before 1970 with this piping are now reaching the end of their life expectancy and need to be replaced.


  1.  If you experience back-ups and or slow draining when you flush the toilet of run water down the drains, it could be a sign if damaged cast iron drains.people often use clog products to fix drain issues however this product contain sulfuric acid which do more harm than good to cast iron plumbing.
  2. Foul odor in the home or “sewer smell”  could be an indication of cracked pipes in the home.  If you can smell sewer gas anywhere in your home, it is time to contact us for a plumbing inspection.  CLICK HERE
  3. If your home has heavy vegetation with significant size trees, it is important to see if the roots are affecting the cast iron lines.  Tree roots can crack lines and create leaks.
  4. Another area to be concerned with is if you have cracks of deviations in the slab of the home.  This can surely be an indication of corroded and leaking cast iron drains.
  5. If you have an infestation of rodents, ants, flies or roaches that will not go away no matter how much you treat. This could be an indication of a sewer problem in the home.

Cast Iron Drain Inspections Are Necessary

If you are experiencing any one or several of these problems in your home, it is time to contact a Professional Home Inspection Company to make an thorough inspection of the home. Call or Click  Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors for more details.