4 Point & Wind Mitigation Inspections

4 Point & Wind Mitigation Inspections

4 Point & Wind Mitigation Inspections are important. Especially if you are planning on renewing your Homeowner’s insurance. Every Insurance Agent in Florida will require a 4 Point and Wind Mitigation Inspection.

These reports tell the insurance agent the conditions of the home with regards to   Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing & Air Conditioning. Knowing these conditions allows the agent to shop for the best price for home insurance.  The Wind Mitigation Inspection details elements of construction of the home such as Storm Shutters on Windows, Roof to Wall Connections, Nail Spacing of Roof Sheathing, and overall Roof Conditions. Homes with these construction elements should fair better in hurricanes and therefore the cost of insurance is less.  Get your 4 Point & Wind Mitigation Inspection from Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors

Florida Builders Engineers & Inspections has a 100% success rate GUARANTEED on all 4 Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections. If you do not SAVE money on your homeowner’s insurance, the Inspection is FREE!

Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors has had over 1 MILLION Reports accepted by every Insurance Underwriter in Florida including Citizens Insurance, Universal Property and Casualty, People’s Trust Insurance and many more.  It is no wonder why FBEIN is the premier Insurance Inspection company in Florida.  Our Team of Insurance Inspectors have over 25 years experience dealing with insurance companies and helping Florida Residents SAVE MONEY on Homeowner’s Insurance. No other company in Florida delivers more homeowner credits.

Whether you live in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples or Orlando, Florida we are the company for you.  We will provide thorough inspections and a detailed computer generated report with all the color photos that the insurance companies need. We will take photos in the attic, roof top, plumbing fixtures and electrical panels to get you ALL the credits. Don’t Delay and Call Us TODAY!