Troubles of Land A Surveyor in Florida

The Troubles of a Land Surveyor in Florida. One of the biggest problems in Florida for a Land Surveyor is Time.  The real estate market in Florida is booming. This is evident by the amount of closings that occur on a monthly basis here in Florida.  “In  September of 2019 there were over 85,000 real estate closings in Orange County, Florida alone. That is up 7% from last year September 2018.”  Roger Morales CEO of Florida Building & Land Surveying says.

This presents a huge problem for Land Surveyors in Florida.  The vast majority of these closings require a Land Survey or Elevation Certificate in order to close. In many cases its a lender’s requirement to close, and a very important decision to get a survey says Vivian R. Riveiro, P.A. an authorized title agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. The land survey is a very important legal document in Florida.  When a closing is about to take place a call is made to a Land Surveying firm to generate a rush order for a survey.  Time is of the essence when that survey. Land surveyors sometimes have less than 48 hours to deliver the survey. The Troubles of a Land Surveyor Florida are a few more. Learn the Troubles of a Land Surveyor in Florida

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Another trouble Land Surveyors in Florida face is the weather.  During the Summer time in Florida is rains almost everyday in the afternoons.  This cuts the time available to work in the field for Land Surveyors.  It is extremely important that surveyors start off early in the day, to beat the afternoon rain storms.  The earlier they start the better it is.


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