Termite Inspections in Florida


There are two primary types of termites in Florida. Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites.  They both do damage to Florida Homes, but they are very different. Subterranean termites come from the ground. They create mud tunnels within the walls of the homes and use them as passageways in and out of the home. They build these mud tunnels in a matter of days.  The need the moisture in the ground to survive and the wood in the homes to eat.  Drywood termites live above ground and do not need the ground or moisture to survive. Termites play a crucial role in the ecological system of a forest. However in cities and suburbs they do a lot of damage. Regular Termite Inspections are very important to be done to all Florida Homes. Termite Inspections can save Florida homeowners thousands of dollars in repair costs.

The treatment to eliminate termites depends on the type of termites you have. To eliminate Drywood Termites the best way is to tent fumigate your home with Vikane Gas.  Although there are many tent-less termite treatments available, tenting the home is the best way to ensure all the drywood termites are exterminated. Anything other than tenting is to be considered a “spot treatment”.

Subterranean termites are sometimes more difficult to treat. They live in the ground. The foundation of the home must be treated. Sometimes subterranean termites use secondary moisture spots and do not need to return to the ground. Roof and plumbing leaks can be a good source of moisture for subterranean termites too.

If you need your home inspected by a professional Home Inspector, call Florida Builders Engineers & Inspectors.  Most pest control companies use the inspection to sell you a treatment.  FBEIN does not perform treatments only inspections.   Call them today for your Termite Inspection!