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My Florida Pros is the largest network of Florida's best engineers, home inspectors, and land surveyors. When it comes to finding a service provider easy and fast, My Florida Pros is the place to go.

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Coral Gables Engineers, Home Inspectors, and Land Surveyors

My Florida Pros is a statewide network of professional engineers, home inspectors, and land surveyors that has proven to be a valuable resource to developers, home buyers, real estate attorneys and builders, and realtors. We have over 25 years of experience and expertise in the above industries and have seen our reports accepted by a broad range of different professionals including:


  • • home buyers
  • • homeowner’s insurance agents
  • • homeowners
  • • insurance underwriters
  • • real estate agents
  • • real estate attorneys
  • • title companies


Consequently, we are one of Florida’s most trusted engineering, home inspection, and land surveying companies. My Florida Pros is always here to help. With extremely professional approach and affordable pricing, our services can be tailored to suit the budget and needs of any client. Thus, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation free quote.


About Our Services


Our company provides the most comprehensive lines of engineering, home inspections, and land surveying services in the southeastern US. The following services will ensure that you have the confidence and knowledge needed to make a well-informed decision:


  • • Engineering services in Coral Gables– our company specializes in nearly every facet of commercial or residential property engineering in the Coral Gables area and throughout the state of Florida.
  • • Home inspection services in Coral Gables– My Florida Pros is considered a property inspection industry pioneer. If you need a residential property inspection, we encourage you to contact our company at your earliest convenience.
  • • Land survey services in Coral Gables– we provide clients with the highest quality and most trusted land surveying services in the Coral Gables area. With this service, you’ll receive detailed reports regarding every aspect of your property.


We have completed over a quarter million survey projects throughout the state and have provided commercial and residential property clients with the most comprehensive inspections and other services. We are committed to accuracy and honesty so that you have the peace of mind that you deserve.


As an industry leading boundary survey and property survey service in Coral Gables provider, we also offer several related services such as:


  • • roof inspection services in Coral Gables
  • • Chinese drywall inspection services in Coral Gables
  • • electrical inspection services in Coral Gables
  • • termite inspection services in Coral Gables


When it comes to the above, My Florida Pros is always prepared to provide a broad range of professional services that are designed to meet or exceed every client’s expectations and needs.


Helpful Tips for Selecting an Engineering, Home Inspection, and Land Surveying Firm


If you’ve been searching for a professional engineering, home inspection, or property surveying team that can accommodate your budget and specific needs, our company is always prepared to respond to your call. Here are 8 helpful suggestions to ensure that you choose the right company for the job:


  • • Ask about the inspector’s credentials and experience such as how long they’ve been in business, how many inspections they’ve done, and if they do this work full-time.
  • • Check different company websites to see if they display sample photos and reports for you to examine.
  • • Choose an inspector that prefers to have you accompany them when inspecting your home and property.
  • • Find out what structural features won’t be inspected because of weather conditions.
  • • Make sure the company is licensed and that their employees are fully bonded and carry liability insurance.
  • • Read online impartial reviews of several companies. This will help you get an idea about the working of the staff and quality of services that are provided.
  • • While it won’t guarantee their quality of workmanship, being a member of a professional organization will insure that a company’s personnel have been properly trained in all facets of their business.
  • • Will the company perform any ancillary inspections such as the foundation of your home if it has a septic system?


For additional information regarding our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed specialists, call My Florida Pros today. Or if you prefer, visit our website at your earliest convenience. Give us a call today and know more about our services.

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