Land Surveyors

land surveyors


Surveys are very important documents and very necessary for a variety of purposes and reasons. If you are buying or selling real estate or land for example a Survey is needed to locate and determine property lines of the property. Every property has a legal description and the survey is the only legal document or plan that depicts accurately the property in question.

If you are building a new home or commercial site a Survey will determine to county and building officials where the construction is to be done along with any city/ county or utility easements.

Many neighbors sometimes question the limits of their property. Not always does a fence actually delineate the boundary of a person’s property. A Survey is the sure and legal way to determine where a property ends and another one begins.


A Survey can be ordered by anyone from a property owner, to a real estate agent, or a mortgage or title closing agent. A Survey can also be ordered by a design professional such as an Architect or Engineer to determine construction sites and boundaries of a property.

Homeowners wanting to purchase Flood Insurance in Florida will need to know the elevation of their homes to determine the costs of the insurance. A FEMA Flood Certificate or an Elevation Certificate is necessary for this purpose.

Title companies, attorneys and or real estate agents will require a Survey for almost every real estate transaction in Florida. A Boundary Survey is typically the best choice for this purpose.


Since a Survey has many different purposes, there are many different types of surveys available. My Florida Pros has Professional Land Surveyors throughout the state of Florida specializing in the following types of Surveys:

Boundary Survey
Topographic Survey
ALTA Survey
Construction Survey
Form Survey
Stake Survey
Tree Survey
Fence Survey
Spot Survey
Commercial Survey
Marine Survey
‎Flood Survey
Elevation Certificates
FEMA Flood Certificate

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