The days of entertaining local talk radio in Miami are surely gone. The “glory days” of great local talk radio ended when “radio gorilla” Neil Rogers, went off the air.  Others like Rick & Suds, Mike Reineri, and Hank Goldberg just to name a few were also terrific and made local talk radio fun and exciting.  If you are an AM Talk Radio “junkie” you have to agree that we simply do not have that kind of talk radio anymore in Miami.  It it easy to see that today’s AM airwaves are filled with either repetitive sports talk or syndicated political talk radio.  No more do we have entertainment radio shows done by local radio hosts in the Miami market.

It looked like 610 WIOD Radio made an attempt to bring back the glory days of AM talk radio several months ago during the 10AM-12PM time slot when they added local political/ pollster Fernand Amandi to their morning line-up.  Amandi took over for another local newsman turned Spanish TV talk show host Rick Sanchez.  The show seemed to be picking up steam and was starting to grow in audience, because he covered a wide variety of local topics, in addition to political news.  He aired entertaining segments that were enjoyable and non offensive to the mainstream listeners.  He even dropped in an occasional sound bite from Neil Rogers and Jim “Mad Dog” Mandich.

However the show airing now is far off from what it was when he started several months ago.  The Fernand Amandi show has been lately dubbed “The Trump Attack Show”.  It has become a one dimensional show only pandering to the liberal left media and their constituents.  Listening to Amandi on air is like listening to a pro liberal Democrat Party infomercial, even considering that on any given day one can listen to the callers on his show and see that 7 out of every 10 that call disagree with him and flat out tell him, that his show has become bias to the Democrats and their agenda.  Heaven forbid you are a Trump supporter and you listen to his show, Amandi makes you feel like you are an ignorant fool and should be sent back to grade school.

Do not misunderstand, it is clear that shows like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to name couple are the same only with a conservative Republican agenda, however these shows are syndicated and in all radio markets.  You know what you are getting when you tune into shows like these.  Listeners are not surprised when you tune in and hear all the bad things the Democrats do and all the wonderful things the Republicans do.  It is what listeners have come to expect.  That is why these shows are carried in all radio markets.  It seems that if WIOD is going to air a local radio show from 10AM -12PM with a local talent, it should be with a host that will bring local topics unrelated to a specific political agenda.  If not, and the idea is that they want to have an opposite view from Limbaugh or Hannity, they should consider carrying a syndicated show like a Rachel Maddow or an Al Franken.

850 WFTL in West Palm Beach has the right idea when it comes to airing local radio shows with local on-air radio personalities.  Joyce Kaufman is south Florida’s leading independent voice.  Sure, she is a Trump supporter, but her entire show is not a Donald Trump infomercial.  Politics are of course discussed in this, an election year, but politics do not consume the entire program.

Rich Stevens is also heard on 850 WFTL.  He is originally from New York but has come to be widely known as a south Florida local radio personality.  He offers a variety of topics on his show, he airs and comments on all political perspectives, the show has humorous and thought provoking bits as well as it is non offensive.  This makes for GOOD local radio.

There will always be the nationally syndicated talk shows in radio, and of course they will each promote one particular political agenda.  This is how they obtain sponsorship and funding.  It is what unfortunately the national radio media has become.  It is just awful to see the same thing happen to local talk radio in Miami.  In the “good old days” of local radio in Miami, talk shows were fun, they were entertaining, and they lightened the stress of  the day while driving through traffic.  The great radio hosts of the pasts didn’t offend or belittle callers when they didn’t agree with their agenda or comments…

Well… Neil Rogers did do that… a little… but man; it was funny when he did it!


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